MultI Family Living

Unique Problems Living 4 inches Apart

Sharing walls, floors and ceilings provide unique problems found only in this environment. Insects can often move between homes in seconds and one families pest problem can affect everyone.  Treatments may need to include more than just the infested unit.  This requires coordination between management, residents and the Pest Control Service.

From the Residents Perspective

When you see an Insect you need to call it in.  Dealing with one or two is better than one or two hunderd or thousand.  Even if you have to prepare your home doing it for a couple is worth it.  Prepersation can be as little as just leaving but often entails removing items that can become contaminated.  

From the Managers Perspective

Managers need to hear about every problem and need to relay that to the pest control provider sooner instead of later.  Each report needs to be investigated and a treatment plan enacted.  Managers should be aware that because of the nature of multi family living that  problems that effect one unit may be coming from another.  Service therefore may need to expand to adjoining units.

From the Pest Control Provides Prospective

To do the job we will need the cooperation of the residents and management.  Pest control is not an exact science and is comprised of mostly of routine service but sometimes that is just not enough and we need to try something outside the box.  No matter what the problem we can solve it over time.

Rodent Control within Multi Family Complexes

Prevention is nine tenths of rodent control.  Having a plan in place to inspect the property for possible rodent entry points or conditions that attract rodents.  A bait station placement plan can add to control in areas of likely activity.   

Hints to keep the Bugs away

1.  Keep the unit clean and free of debris that may feed the insects.

2.  Inspect items brought into the home for signs of hitchhikers.

3.  Keep doors and windows closed to seal them out.

4.  Keep a sample of the insect for pest control inspection and identification.

5.  Don't be afraid to contact a professional to deal with any problem.