Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is different between normal pest control and commercial pest control?

In a commercial setting pest control may have to work under strictor rules and regulations but pest control remains the same.  The same materials and techniques prove successful when implemented.

2. How do you determine what kind of service fits our needs?

Inspection is vital, determining how and why will not only help in removing the problem but in preventing its return.  There are times that more than one technique may have to be attempted.  Each loaction offers different challenges.

3. How do you detmine how much to charge?

Price is determined on what service is required, what kind of pest needs to be controlled and the environment that we must work within.  Over time conditions and environments change and our service will change with it which will cause a re-evaluation of cost.

4. How soon can you make an emergency call?

True pest control emergencies are rare.  But the sooner a problem can be addressed the sooner it can be controlled. We work on getting out to the problem as soon as possible.  

5. Can you alter the service if needed?

Service should be altered over time.  Conditions change and different problems may arise.  Services need to be regularly re-evaluated. 

6. Are pesticides safe?

The simple answer is yes, they are highly regulated, tested and are applied in a way that is required to minimize contact.  but in reality, it's a material designed to kill and because every person can react negatively to any foreign substance the answer is no.  But we take every precaution to limit any person or pets exposure.